Michael Paslawski

Minnesota Playwright

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Age: College +

Where Do I Find These Guys?
A one-act (un)romantic comedy
Michael Paslawski & Roy C. Booth
Copyright 1998-1999

Jennifer returns home after the worst date of her life, a date with the rich, snobbish Alistar. She just wants to put it all behind her, but Jennifer soon discovers that the night has just begun. Her nymphomaniac mother, June, tries to meddle into Jennifer's relationships, her immature ex-boyfriend, Tony, shows up wanting to get back together with Jennifer, her best friend, Samantha, shows up and wants to help Jennifer get rid of Tony, and Alistar, the last person she wants to see, just will not go home.

What will it take for everyone to leave Jennifer alone in peace and quiet?

Jennifer and Tony share a tender moment.

Where Do I Find These Guys? was originally produced at the First Annual NERO Greater Minnesota Spring One-Act Play Festival at the Beaux Arts Ballroom at Bemidji State University, in Bemidji, Minnesota, on March 25, 27, & 28, 1999.

Jennifer calmly tries to tell Alistar to go home.

Special thanks to Andrea and her life without which this play would not exist.

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